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White  Wines

Our wines are produced using only our finest grapes which, depending on the position of the vineyard, lead to a very heterogeneous production. Tenuta Santa Croce offers five different white wines, with vineyards and the winemaking and ageing processes that are carefully nurtured throughout their entire cycle.

 Pignoletto is offered in four different varieties:



Pignoletto Tenuta Santa Croce
  • Sit a Montuì, Classico Pignoletto DOCG  a still, elegant, crisp white wine. Available for sale one year after the grape harvest and which is representative of the winery’s finest quality non-sparkling white wines.

  • Its alter ego is the semi-sparkling "Sur Lie" Pignoletto DOCG. The traditional method of refermenting wine in the bottle with the advent of spring that was originally used by Emilian families to obtain the bubbles in the past, represents an exceptional bond between the wine and its territory.

  • The Pignoletto range is completed by "Cuvée Nettuno" Pignoletto Spumante DOCG, vinified with a long Charmat method. It was created as a local response to top quality to spumante wines from other regions, such as the Veneto.

  • A unique still white wine is Desimo: a blend of international white grape varieties which intends to interpret the territory and terroir, rather than the grape varietal.

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