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About us

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There are two fundamental beliefs that define this small but growing winery: a profound sense of confidence in the future with the achievement of important goals that respect the traditions of both our land and our territory and the innate awareness that if one’s cultural roots do not lie deep enough, there is a risk of losing one’s identity. 

Having been involved in the wine industry since 1860, the Chiarli family, at the beginning of the 1990s, decided to broaden their offering of regional DOC wines and thus a partnership with some small winemakers in the Colli Bolognesi (Bologna Hills) designated wine zone was initiated. 

After having carefully evaluated the area, the wines produced at that time and its potential for producing wines of excellence, in particular those made with Pignoletto, a local autochthonous grape varietal with a very distinct character, the Chiarli family decided to acquire the Tenuta Santa Croce Vineyard in Monteveglio, a breathtakingly beautiful area in the Bologna Hills. 

As a wine producer, our greatest challenge is to honour the distinctive characteristics of this indigenous and excellent grape variety by maintaining total control of the production cycle. It is only over the last 20 years or so that winemakers have drastically improved the quality of Pignoletto which has been, and to a certain extent continues to be, misinterpreted both by winemakers and consumers alike. 

An investment programme was initiated as soon as the terrain and the vineyard had been bought, with a partial renovation of the vineyard layout and the planting of new vines. Several important technological advancements were also made to the existing machinery as well as to the equipment used in the wine cellar. 

In 2013 a new underground cellar was completed in order to achieve a natural environment with optimum conditions for both ageing and storing the wines produced. 

Today, the passion that continues to grow as a result of living and breathing the illustrious world of wine-making on a daily basis, has led siblings Carlo, Stefano and Giorgio Chiarli to nurture a winery that is among one of the most modern and best organised in its designated wine zone, both with regard to quality as well as its respect for the wine-making traditions of the area. 

With Emilia Romagna recently voted the food capital of the world by Forbes Magazine, it is important to underline how closely connected the culture, food and wine of the region truly are. We wholeheartedly believe in consuming local products which may be more expensive than globalised ones. The consumption of local products is an ever-growing trend and we are convinced that these are also the perfect accompaniment to our local wines. We believe that this reveals the respect towards our regional heritage which lies at the basis of our social identity. 

Mauro Chiarli

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